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Sport-Timer 3000 Western Barrel Racing/Equestrian Controller

with Wired Beam


Now you can have a 100% Portable Western Barrel Racing Timer / Equestrian Clock that runs on two standard 9 Volt DC batteries and costs many Dollars less than Timers found at events.

Controller in Action

Sport-Timer 3000 Barrel Racing/Equestrian Controller shown with Beam (Transmitter and Wired Receiver)


Specifications: Sport-Timer 3000 Barrel Racing/Equestrian Controller


Controller Display Example

Controller Set to Start, with Beams Turned On and Aligned

Controller Screen Stopped at 18.941 Seconds (Beam On)

Controller Stopped at 24.898 Seconds (Beam On)



The Beam consists of two parts, the Wired Receiver and Transmitter.

The Transmitter sends a narrow invisible Infra Red Beam to the Receiver on a continuous bases. Any interruption of the Beam between the Transmitter and Receiver sends a code to the Controller that can be used to start or stop the program. The Receiver is plugged into the RJ9 Connector on the side of the Controller with the 50 Foot (15-Meter) cable included. Both the transmitter and receiver have standard tripod screw mounts for attachment to photo style tripods and both use individual 9 VDC alkaline batteries. The Receiver shares the power of the Controller. 

Alignment between the Transmitter and Receiver is accomplished by first turning on the Transmitter and positioning it in a location from 6 to 100 Feet (2 to 30 Meters) from the Receiver. Plug the Beam into the RJ9 Connector located on the side of the Controller and push a release the Start/Reset Key to set the Controller to start. Point the Receiver at the Transmitter, when alignment is correct a red LED on the back of the Receiver will turn on solid indicating alignment and the word "ON" will appear on the Controller Screen.

Passing through the Beam will start and stop the Controller and record your time.

No further setup is required.


Specifications: Beam (Transmitter and Receiver)

Receiver Mounted on a Standard Photo Tripod

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