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Speed-Timer 3000 Non (RF) Version 4

Speed-Timer 3000 (RF) Version 4

The 4 Digit Display Version 4
If you compete in or practice for IPSC, IPDA, Western Action Shooting ,
or anytime you want to know how fast you can handle your Firearm.

These are the Timers !
Sample of Six Shots being Fired in 6.98 Seconds and reviewed below with the time between (the split) the 5th shot and 6th Shot being 2.02 Seconds.


        Displays (the overall shot time from a Speed-Timer 3000 (RF) wireless)
        Displays the count down time in Range Officer Mode from the Speedtimer-Timer 3000 RF Timer Allows all reviewed shot times to be displayed from the Speed-Timer 3000 RF Timer
        Display the Shot Times in Speed-Timer 3000 RF Review mode
        Outside dimensions - 14 1/2 " x 6 3/4" x 1 5/8" (368mm x 171mm x 42mm)
        LCD Area - 13" x 4 5/8 " (330mm x 119mm)
        Large LCD numbers - 4" tall by 2" wide
        Weight - 2 1/2 pounds (1.15K)
4 Digit Display shown with the Speed-Timer 3000 RF Shot Timer above.
  1. U.Ready Electronics Ltd. P.O. Box 22105 Cataraqui, Kingston Ontario K7M 8S5
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Optional Hands Free Carry Case for the Speedtimers 3000 and Sport-Timer 3000 Timers
Hands Free Wrist Mounting
Hands Free Belt Mounting
Closed to protect your Timer
Speedtimer Dealers

Shot Times (the overall time from the loud start signal)
Split Times (the time between each shot fire)
Shot Numbers (the total numbers of shots fired)
Review (of the last 60 shots fired)
"NEW" Review of the last shot fired on the last eight strings
A Loud Start Signal (even when wearing double plugs)
2 to 5 Second Delay or Instant Start (for practice or competition)
Programmable PAR Time (user programmable start and stop signals)
"NEW" User Programmable Sensitivity Adjustment
Range Officer Walk Through Mode, Programmable from 2-10 minutes
with warning signals at start, one minute remaining and end of time.
"NEW" On board Battery Tester
(RF) Model Works with Large Display
Dimensions: 4 1/2 " x 2 3/4" " x 1"
Power: Standard 9 VDC Alkaline battery
Display Multi Digit LCD
Input: Flat tactile keyboard
Weight: 5 oz with the battery
Operating Range: 10F - 110 F / -10C to 40C

The Official Time is always the time recorded on the Shot Timer
R. U. Ready Electronics recommends using good quality
Alkaline Batteries with our products for best performance.
Toll Free US and Canada 1-877-847-7333